Urban explorer, travel and architectural photographer. Film and digital user, preferably B&W. Online/digital writer and publisher. Authorial photography educator. Fine art prints available in limited editions.

After 20+ years of professional experience as an Internationally Certified Project Manager, I acquired the confidence to be successful in any new and exciting challenge. That’s why in 2014 I became a full-time photographer, an activity that I have been experimenting with, since early in my life as an amateur.

Soon I began to use my photography skills to develop a new professional career as an architectural photographer. During this time, I developed skills such as creativity, improvisation, and management of stakeholders with backgrounds and expectations vastly different from what I was used to. I was also able to use my well tested and reliable skills such as planning, attention to detail and my ability to learn new technics and technologies.

Nowadays I have my photography work being sold at specialized photography and art galleries and through a network of professional contacts from the architecture and interior design areas. My commercial and authorial portfolios are available at: and

Since my first job as an Electronic Technician and throughout my whole career I have always engaged with training activities, developing, and teaching technical and non-technical courses. To start providing photographic education, technical and/or authorial, was a natural step and part of my routine since the beginning.

Another additional activity that I have been engaged to as a photographer is to create photography and travel related content to my own blog and writing/collaborating to other blogs. In 2014 I launched my own digital/online magazines focused on photography and travel content. The magazines are available to read online at

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